About Us

My Sports Background

I’ve always been active. In early childhood, my main sport was gymnastics. In primary and high school, I was a competitive swimmer. As an adult, I discovered weights training, open water swimming and, more recently, triathlons.

I joined the wearables owner club late, and I stuck to my Fitbit Charge HR for way too long. When I finally upgraded to a proper sports watch to track my open water swims and triathlons, I found it very motivating to see statistics about my performance and progress. I liked seeing my race time ahead of the official results being released. I still find it very impressive to see how open water swims get mapped so accurately by a simple watch.

Why I Created A Fitness Watch Guide

It used to be simple to buy a fitness tracker band. It is not long ago that Fitbit was the only well-known brand of health trackers, and that people were satisfied with a step tracker, a daily report on calories burnt and a basic heart rate monitor. Now we expect more. We want both fitness tracking and smartwatch features.

Personally, I want my music on a watch so I can go for runs without my phone but listen to my playlist (makes me run faster!). During my recent pregnancy, I still pushed my limits at the gym and the ability to check my heart rate whenever I wanted to gave me some peace of mind. I don’t track my sleep, mostly because I’m not comfortable sleeping with something around my wrist, but I am well aware it’s a sought-after feature in smartwatches. 

I created FitnessWatchGuide so that sports adepts like me could more easily make their mind on what model of sports watch or fitness tracker band is suitable for them versus what models to avoid because they’d be too basic or not good value for their intended use. I hope that you will find this site informative.

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