The Best Samsung Watches for Fitness Tracking

Samsung is a leading player in the smartwatch market, and their fitness-tracking smartwatches are some of the best on the market. This blog post compares three different Samsung fitness smartwatches: the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2Galaxy Watch Active2 (Golf Edition), and Galaxy Watch 4. We will discuss the best features of each watch, how they compare to each other, and their usefulness in fitness tracking.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watches

The Samsung Galaxy Watch was released in August of 2018 and has been one of the most popular Android smartwatches since then. This watch is compatible with most Android phones but works best with Samsung Galaxy phones.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that offers fitness tracking features and has an elegant look, and if you don’t have an iPhone, then Samsung is the best option. But, first, let’s determine the newest model’s usefulness in fitness tracking.


Galaxy Watch Active 2

Galaxy Watch Active 2
Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Galaxy Watch Active2 is quite similar to the original Active model with a few upgrades. If you’re switching from Apple Watches to Samsung Watches, you’ll be happy with the affordability of this model. It comes in Stainless Steel with LTE/Bluetooth or Aluminum with Bluetooth capabilities and is sized in 44mm or 40mm.

With a battery that “lasts for days,” you can track and participate in your fitness goals without missing a beat. In addition, durability shouldn’t be an issue you have to worry about when exercising, and the Active 2 delivers. With an IP68, 5ATM waterproof rating, and military-grade durability, you can still do those particularly strenuous workout sessions.

The Active 2 provides an immersive experience with some supportive features for those with health and wellness on the mind. Those include:

  • A movement tracker allows you to put it on and get to exercising with ease.
  • With swimming added to automatic tracking, now you can track all your activities on the go.
  • If you’ve got a competitive edge, you can join in with your friends and family by doing a Group Challenge Train.
  • A personal hygiene reminder is set to alert you at specific intervals, along with a stress tracker that can help relieve that tension of daily life.
  • Check your blood pressure on the move and your heartbeat with the built-in ECG sensor.
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Galaxy Watch 4

Galaxy Watch 4
Galaxy Watch 4

As Samsung would say: this model is more than a smartwatch. The newest model lets fitness users maximize their potential and bust through their hurdles. With a fresh new design and updated features, Samsung bumped up the price point, making this one of their most expensive watches.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 smartwatch has a sleek and iconic aluminum frame with a high-quality look and feel. Sweat-proof materials help keep the smartwatch nice and comfortable to wear. In addition, the intuitive and efficient Wear OS offers fitness users a streamlined and effortless functionality.

The Galaxy Watch 4 now has a leg up over its predecessors. For instance, consider the highlights below.

  • The new Samsung BioActive Sensor measures body fat, skeletal muscle, body water, BMI, Blood oxygen levels, and more.
  • This model can easily track 90 different exercises and activities on the go while also tracking your location with GPS.


An advanced sleep tracker can analyze your natural sleep patterns and improve your overall sleep, plus it can detect if you’re snoring (and perhaps help out your partner in the process).

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Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Golf Edition)

Samsung didn’t just include your traditional gym-goers in their design model, but Golfers as well. With the Active 2 Golf Edition, you can level up your golf game with an advanced kit of innovative technology.

As it stands, the Golf Edition comes standard with the usual Active 2 features and specifications but includes something for the serious Golfer. With a slight bump in price, it’s almost worth it to grab this model just for the added features. It comes in the standard 44mm and 40mm sizes but shows off different colors like Aqua Black and Pink Gold.

For instance, consider these features:

  • Touch-targeting shot history
  • Dual-arc distance readings between you and the fairway
  • Accurate information and data on 40,000 courses worldwide at your fingertips
  • Golf with GOLF GPS app comes standard on the Golf Edition allows you to pair satellite and course maps into a yardage book to track your game.
  • Designed to keep from interfering with your golf swing.
  • The Super-AMOLED screen is easy to read and very bright.

Smart Caddie gives you information and advice for those tricky shots.


Samsung offers high-quality, durable, and affordable smartwatches. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level watch or one with more advanced features, the three discussed in this post should serve your needs. For those who don’t already own a smartwatch, the newest Galaxy Watch Active 2 or Galaxy Watch 4 may be the best options as they are affordable and packed with excellent features.

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