The Best Suunto Multisports GPS Watches for 2023

The Finnish brand Suunto has been a leading manufacturer for sports watches, dive computers and precision instruments ever since its foundation in 1936. Specialized in outdoors, performance and lifestyle watches as well as specific outdoors and navigational instruments, the company started with compasses (hence the name of the brand, that in Finnish means direction, path or heading) and became quite popular during World War II thanks to instruments specifically designed for war purposes. After that, Suunto specialized in other navigational instruments and took an interesting turn into sports watches, becoming the top brand for diving computers and instruments in the 1980s.

Today, the name Suunto is a synonym of outdoors and sports watches, but is also a beloved brand for recreational, professional, technical and commercial scuba divers thanks to its exceptionally reliable diving computers. The Suunto products cover a multitude of activities such as triathlon, swimming, running, hiking, and outdoors in general. The brand is constantly up to date with the latest technology and continues to maintain the highest rank despite the fierce competition that this field is exposed to.

Best Suunto Multisports GPS Watch

Suunto App

I wasn’t a fan of MovesCount (Suunto’s prior app). But innovation is key for Suunto, and the new Suunto App is a testament to this attitude.

Once you are the proud owner of a Suunto watch, you are ready to download the SUUNTO App on your smartphone. The Suunto app is available for both Android and iPhone. You will be able to create your personal account and track your outdoor activities, workouts, steps, heart rate, and so on.

Suunto Link can also be used on your computer, if you don’t use a smartphone. You just need to connect the watch via the supplied USB cable.

The Suunto App offers accurate maps for hiking and trekking, allowing you to import routes and sync them to your Suunto watch. It is the perfect tool  to monitor your body functions, weight, calories and heart rate, but also to view maps and points of interest, routes starting point, and be part of a community made out of of friends, athletes and sports lovers. The Suunto App is very intuitive and easy to use, a perfect companion for all our activities, excursions, and workouts.

The Best Suunto Watches for 2023

The best Suunto multisports watches based on consumers’ trends in 2023 are the following ones:

  • Suunto 9 Peak
  • Suunto 9 Baro
  • Suunto 7
  • Suunto Core

Suunto 9 Peak

The Suunto 9 Peak is the ultimate sports watch, with an elegant look thanks to its ultra-thin screen and small size. It is extremely tough and resistant due to the grade 5 titanium it is made of, offering also extremely lightweight and maximum comfort. Its extremely resistant material guarantees the best hypoallergenic approach and scratch-resistant surface, for a watch that literally lasts a lifetime. This multisport watch is designed for peak performance and peak experience, hence the name. 

 Its features include 3D maps, music controls integrated in the watch, the Burner feature to monitor grams of fat burned during exercise, intelligent battery modes including a Tour mode that gives you up to 7 days of uninterrupted GPS tracking. This beautiful multisport watch includes over 80 sports modes, is water-resistant up to 100 meters in depth, and has full weather functions. Suunto 9 Peak has a blood oxygen level feature: a great tool for checking your acclimation to higher altitudes. The Variometer helps you keep track of your vertical speed, an unbeatable assistant for Suunto 9 users who hike, climb or fly.

What we like: The round full-sized display, incredibly thin, scratch-resistant and visually pleasant. The 3D routes in the Suunto App make it quick to orientate and to understand our position, for a better adventure management! The sapphire glass and grade 5 titanium.

Other Considerations: The blood oxygen level feature is only available from and compatible with Suunto 9 Peak. The Variometer is available for both Suunto 9 Peak and Baro. Smaller display size than the Suunto 9 Baro, which makes it a good sports watch for women.

Suunto 9 Baro

The Suunto 9 Baro is the original award-winning Suunto 9, a robust watch that is much loved by athletes all over the world. It is designed for adventure with its barometric altitude control, its route navigation on the display and the sport-specific heat maps on the Suunto App.

The Suunto 9 Baro is like a larger version of the Suunto 9, bulkier and with a more casual look. The Suunto 9 Baro is a multisport watch designed to last, extremely flexible and configurable at several levels. The battery life is extremely high but largely depends on the configurations that we choose. Compared to the Peak, its wider screen and larger characters make it easier to read also in difficult light conditions. While both Peak and Baro give access to the Variometer, allowing you to check your climbing speed while hiking or flying, the Baro does not have the Blood Oxygen feature which is mostly useful for those enjoying altitude sports. Users find its measurements and calculations to be extremely precise and reliable, and like its big screen with a 50 mm diameter – much larger than the 43 mm diameter of the Suunto 9 Peak.

What we like: The robust look, its wider display, the virtual ghost runner function to practice your pacing, its turn-by-turn navigation alerts, the possibility of creating and saving your Points Of Interest, its extended battery life.

Other Considerations: Its highlights include sport expertise and support for over 80 sports including running, cycling, skiing, swimming, hiking etc.

Suunto 7

The Suunto 7 is less expensive outdoor and multisport watch that generally meets high levels of satisfaction in its consumers. The Suunto 7 offers a versatile sports experience and some greatly helpful smartwatch features working with Android or iOS phones. Its embedded sleep tracking feature shows you not only how long you slept, but what the quality of your sleep was like, helping you understand your body and setting goals and routines for a better lifestyle. It measures your activity during the day, detects stress and recovery moments and shows you how certain actions you take affect your fitness and your well-being.

The Suunto 7 works with the Suunto App showing popular starting points for your routes, both on the display and in the heat maps, where users can view and compare tracks and record them on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. The MyRadar App shows a very thorough real-time weather forecast with local animated maps, allowing you to plan outdoor activities accordingly.

What we like: the 3D routes on the Suunto App, the possibility of downloading music and subsequently listening to it offline without Wi-Fi connection or any data charge, the body resources smart watch functions and the focus on extended battery life.

Other Considerations: Configurations selections will affect your Suunto 7’s battery, so play with those accuracy selections to maximize your battery life and extend it at its best. Suunto 7 provides up to 18 hours of regular use plus up to 4 hours of workout with GPS.

Suunto Core

The Suunto Core combines an altimeter, barometer and compass together with weather information and several additional features. The Suunto Core has all the essential tools for indoor and outdoor adventures. Compared to the other models above, the Suunto Core is more low-budget and simple. It’s a perfect first-timer outdoor or multisport watch without extreme features nor built with expensive materials. The elastomer strap is not as durable as others but can be replaced by leather, textile, silicone or rubber straps in several different colors such as blue, white, yellow, coral red, lime or violet. This makes it a more adaptable product, appealing to younger users and people that don’t need all the latest technology on the wrist.

This multisport watch is great for most watersports including freediving, swimming, SNUBA and snorkeling, thanks to its integrated 10 meters – 33 feet – depth meter gauge. It does not include the typical features and programs of a dive computer, though. The Suunto Core does not include GPS, so if you’re a runner of hiker, you’ll likely want a more advanced model. The Suunto Core does however feature the extremely smart Storm Alarm, predicting weather changes with great precision.

What we like: the mineral crystal glass, resistant and durable; the robust composite case, the comfortable strap, the 33 feet depth meter for snorkeling, the premium outdoor versatility.

Other Considerations: The battery – a CR2032 – can safely and easily be replaced by the user, and the guide is included in the box. Alternatively, how-to videos are available on the Suunto website. Its lifetime is quite long, up to 12 months without activities, only in watch mode. It has no connectivity to other devices.

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