WHOOP 4.0: Simple Solutions to the Most Commonly Asked Technical Questions

WHOOP 4.0 has arrived, and it’s got a whole heap of new features and improvements relative to WHOOP 3.0. Here are some of the top how-to questions users have been asking since the launch of WHOOP 4.0, along with answers from our team of experts.

Top How To Questions by Whoop 4.0 Users

How to Setup WHOOP

Here’s a quick guide on how to set up WHOOP in three easy steps.

Step 1 – Download the WHOOP app

First, you’ll need to visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download the WHOOP application. Once it has finished downloading, open the app.

Step 2 – Log in for the first time

To move to the next step of the WHOOP setup process, you need to create a login – using the email address you used to purchase the device – and a password. Make sure that the WHOOP app is open and that you are logged in, then move to the next step.

Step 3 – Pair your WHOOP

Pair WHOOP before you put it on your wrist or in your WHOOP body gear. Do not wear WHOOP during the pairing process.

Double tap on the center of the WHOOP with firm pressure, up until it enters pairing mode (a blue LED light will appear within 15-20 seconds). Follow the prompts on your mobile device.

Whoop Device Settings

WHOOP Won’t Pair Issue

Follow one or many of the following troubleshooting steps if you’re having trouble connecting and pairing WHOOP.

Solution 1 – Restart the Pairing Process

First, unpair and forget any WHOOP device connected to your phone by opening your mobile phone’s Bluetooth settings and selecting Forget/Unpair.

WHOOP has advised users not to pair the WHOOP using their phone’s system settings, as this can lead to errors. Instead, pair the band in the WHOOP app. In the app, go to Menu, then Device Settings. Click on “Pair a Device”, or if that isn’t an option, go to Advanced settings and then click on “Pair a Device”.

Remove the WHOOP from your wrist and wait a few seconds for the green sensor LEDs on the underside to turn off (the pairing process can’t start until this happens). Tap firmly and repeatedly on the top of the WHOOP until the LED light on the side of the device strobes back and forth, indicating it is in pairing mode.

Solution 2 – Check WHOOP Power

Ensure your WHOOP is charged. It won’t pair if its battery has run out.

Charge Whoop to Pair it

Solution 3 – Power off your mobile phone

Turn off your phone and turn it back on again by pressing the power button. Wait a few seconds and power your phone back on.

Solution 4 – Reboot WHOOP

To reboot your WHOOP strap: > Open the WHOOP app, > Go to Device Settings, > Tap on Advanced.

Solution 5 – Force stop WHOOP

To Force stop WHOOP 4.0: >Open the WHOOP app, > Go to Device Settings, > Tap on Apps & Notifications, >Tap on WHOOP, then choose Force Stop.

Solution 6 – Clear your WHOOP storage

To clear storage on WHOOP: Navigate to Apps in the Settings menu of your phone, > Under WHOOP, select Storage, > Select Clear Storage.

WHOOP Haptic Alarm Not Working

If your WHOOP haptic alarm isn’t working, there are a few things you can check.

First, check if your alarm is ON by opening the WHOOP app, going into the Coaching section, and tapping on Sleep Coach. If the WHOOP sensor disconnected the night prior, your alarm may have been switched off and won’t recur until you pair your WHOOP again.

Secondly, check if your WHOOP is properly charged. The WHOOP haptic alarm won’t go off if the strap doesn’t have the power to run the spin motor.

As a last resort, be aware that some users have also found that rebooting their WHOOP strap helped fix issues with the haptic alarm.

How to Set an Alarm on WHOOP 4.0

Depending on the alarm you set, your WHOOP device will vibrate for 30 seconds at the set time or within 60 minutes of the latest wake-up time. Alarms are available in three forms: Sleep Goal, Exact Time, and In the Green.

You can set the alarm or turn off the alarm on WHOOP by following these steps:

> Open the WHOOP app
> Tap on the Coaching icon in the navigation bar
> Tap on the Sleep Coach section
>Turn on/off the alarm.

Turn Off WHOOP Alarm

Types of Alarms on Whoop

Does Whoop have an alarm? Yes, Woop has an alarm. In fact, WHOOP 4.0 allows you to choose between three different types of alarms: Exact Time, Sleep Goal and In the Green.

  • Exact Time: this is the regular run-of-the-mill alarm, that wakes you at a set time.
  • Sleep Goal: you will have to set a sleep goal and the latest time at which you’re happy to be woken up. The WHOOP will wake you in the 60-minute window that ends with your programmed latest wake-up time. Within that timeframe, the WHOOP haptic alarm will go off once you have reached your sleep goal.
  • In the Green: The idea is similar to that of the Sleep Goal Haptic Alarm, but the trigger for WHOOP to wake you during the one-hour window is your recovery score (when it turns green or reaches 67%).

  • Looking for an alternative to Whoop? Check out our article about Whoop 4.0 vs. Amazon Halo Band.

How to Snooze on WHOOP

Goodbye procrastination! It is not possible to snooze with the WHOOP strap. The WHOOP Haptic Alarm simply does not have a snooze feature.

How to Turn Off the Alarm on WHOOP

If you want to stop the alarm on your WHOOP, there are a few ways you can do it.

One is to double tap your WHOOP before the 30 seconds are up. That will tell your WHOOP to stop vibrating. Alternatively, if you don’t want the alarm to go off at all, you can toggle the alarm feature off in the WHOOP app.

How to Reboot WHOOP 4.0

  • Open the WHOOP app
  • Go to Device Settings
  • Tap on Advanced
  • Tap on Reboot Device

How to Charge WHOOP

You can charge your WHOOP battery pack by connecting the micro USB cable to a power source. LEDs on the battery pack indicate when it is charged.  When the battery pack is charging, a red LED will illuminate, and when it is fully charged, a green LED will illuminate. It takes 90-120 minutes to fully charge the battery pack.

Clip the battery pack onto your WHOOP for power to transfer from the pack to the WHOOP

How to Cancel your Ongoing WHOOP Subscription

Canceling your WHOOP subscription is a pretty simple process. Just log in to your account on app.WHOOP.com. In the main menu, click on the Membership tab, and then click on the Cancel your Membership link at the bottom of the page.

Your cancellation will be confirmed once you click Cancel Membership. If you have a monthly subscription, your membership will be automatically canceled once your commitment ends.

How to Cancel your WHOOP Membership if You Change your Mind

You have a 30 days window to request a refund from WHOOP. After that, you are contractually bound to continue paying for your membership until the end of your commitment period.

If you’re in that situation and wish to go ahead with the cancellation, log in to your account on app.WHOOP.com/membership/returns. Follow the return instructions.

How to Get a WHOOP Replacement Strap

If the WHOOP Band is defective, if you are still within the warranty period and if are the original owner of the WHOOP, WHOOP can send you a replacement strap for free. WHOOP will also send you a return shipping label for the original defective device. Be aware that WHOOP may charge you a restocking fee if the defective WHOOP Strap is not returned to them within 30 days of you receiving the return shipping label. 

If you lose your WHOOP strap, if you’re not the original owner, of if you need a new WHOOP outside of the original warranty window, you can order a new one for a fee. WHOOP will charge you a restocking fee. To order the replacement WHOOP, log in to your account, navigate to the membership section and go to the Lost Strap page.

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